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Department Chair: Dr. Andrea Rotstein
Phone: +972-2-5880302

Department Secretary: Sara Parnassa 
Phone: 02-5883965                             

Department of Classical Studies
The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501



The Department of Classical Studies focuses on the study of Greek and Roman antiquity in all of its aspects: languages, culture, literature, history, and thought.

Department students acquire an in-depth knowledge of the intellectual riches of classical Greek and Roman culture in all of its dimensions, through an unmediated encounter with the great works of classical literature: Tragedy and Comedy, Poetry, Philosophical and Historical Writings, and Oratory, all in the original languages. Students are exposed to a wide variety of academic methodologies which train them for advanced research in Classical Studies and related fields.

Our courses are designed for students whose primary interest is in classical culture and for those aspiring to specialize and conduct research in Classics and closely related fields, such as Indo-European Linguistics, Ancient History, Greek Philosophy, Archaeology and Art History, and the study of Pagan Religions.

The Department also provides essential training for specialization and expertise in the contact between the classical world and neighboring cultures in the Mediterranean area, such as the Jewish Hellenism, Early Christianity, Egyptian Civilization, Iran, Asia Minor, Central Asia, Armenia, and the Early Arab World.

Classical culture is the cornerstone of Western Civilization as a whole, and an understanding of the classical world is vital for those interested in subsequent periods, from the Middle Ages onwards down to our own time. Studies in the Department provide a solid and deep foundation for specialization in all facets and periods of Western Civilization, including Literature, Art, Philosophy, and the transmission of classical knowledge, science, and cultural heritage.

Areas taught in the Classics Department:

  • Greek Language and Latin Language
  • Literature of Greek and Rome
  • History of Greek and Rome
  • Culture and Thought in the Classical World
  • Theater of Greece and Rome
  • Literary Criticism in Antiquity
  • Epigraphy and Papyrology
  • Philology, Textual Criticism and the History and Transmission of Classical Text s
  • Medieval and Early Modern Latin Texts

Department courses are conducted in accordance with the very highest internationally held standards of Classical Studies. Our graduates are accepted for study, research and teaching posts in leading universities with outstanding Classics Departments.

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