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Department Chair: Dr. Andrea Rotstein
Phone: +972-2-5880302

Department Secretary: Sara Parnassa 
Phone: 02-5883965                             

Department of Classical Studies
The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501



BA Studies

B.A. studies at the Classics Department provide an in-depth knowledge of the intellectual treasures of classical Antiquity in their literary, linguistic, historical and philosophical dimensions. Students approach the great books of the classical literary canon – Tragedy and Comedy, Poetry, Philosophical Texts, History and Oratory – in unmediated fashion, in their original languages. Department students are also exposed to non-literary sources, namely epigraphical, papyrological and archeological ones, and learn of areas of contact between Classical Greek and Roman culture and other, surrounding cultures, such as Hellenistic Judaism. more >>

MA Studies

The M.A. program of the Classics Department enables students to deepen the knowledge they have acquired of Greek and Roman Antiquity in the course of their B.A. studies. Students are also trained to conduct academic research in the field. more >>

Doctoral Studies

Research students are part of the intellectual community of the Classics Department and routinely participate in its activities, such as departmental seminars and research projects carried out by members of the department. Students are also asked to teach courses, whenever it is possible. more >>