Department Chair: Dr. Amiel Vardi
Phone: +972-2-5883913

Department Secretary: Sara Parnassa 
Phone: 02-5883965                             

Department of Classical Studies
The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501





Prof. Joseph Geiger

The main areas of progress in my studies have been the history of Greek and Roman historiography, and especially biography, the cultural history of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire and particularly Palestine, and the Augustan era.

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Prof. Dwora Gilula

Prof. Gilula, through her many translation projects and important research, contributes both to the scholarly discourse within the academic Classical community and to the promotion of Classical culture and the exposure of Greek and Latin masterpieces to wide audiences in Israel.

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Dr. Ilana Klutstein

Room 7714, reception time: Tue., 09:00-10:00 (by appointment).
Research interests: The classical heritage in the Renaissance, Neoplatonism in the Renaissance, Medieval Exemplum literature and its similarities with …

Prof. Raanana Meridor

Prof. Ra’anana Meridor has been seminal in promoting of the study of the Greek language and of Classical culture in Israel.

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She has published widely on Greek texts, and her book, “Greek for Beginners”, is a cornerstone for students of every discipline who wish to become acquainted with the wealth and beauty of the Greek language.


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Sara Parnassa

Department Secretary
Room 4570. Office hours: Sundays: 11:30-14:30 Mondays-Thursdays: 10:00-13:00. In other times, one needs to schedule a meeting in advance.
Yakir  Paz

Dr. Yakir Paz

Room 1113, Rabin building

Research Interests: Homeric scholia, Hellenistic Judaism; Ancient Magic; Roman and Rabbinic Law, Rabbinic biblical commentaries; Theological Polemics in Antiquity; Midrash; Jews and Christians in the Sasanian Empire; Syriac Literature.

Prof. Hannah Rosén

Prof. Hannah Rosen is an authority on Latin Linguistics, whose innovative and integrative publications have shaped the course of contemporary philological and linguistic Latinist research.

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Her expertise in Celtology and translation technique render her work important in the wider Linguistics community.

Selected publications

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Donna Shalev

Prof. Donna Shalev

Room 7720. Reception: Sun. and Wed. 12:00-12:30 room 2607, and by appointment in room 7720.

Research Interests: Syntax of the Greek and Latin languages; Ancient dialogue form (language, structure, ancient theory and culture)

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; transmission of formal structures and motifs in literary and technical sources; Translation technique and translations and reception of Plato; Aristotle and Galen; Speech act theory; Discourse analysis; Speech representation.

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