Department Chair: Dr. Andrea Rotstein
Phone: +972-2-5880302

Department Secretary: Sara Parnassa 
Phone: 02-5883965                             

Department of Classical Studies
The Faculty of Humanities
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 9190501


Alumni and Alumnae

Asraf, Nadav: Graduated his studies for B.A. in 2012, and currently is a PhD student in the Department of Classics in Harvard University.

Dr. Darshan, Guy: Graduated in Bible and Classics in 2002. Today Guy is a faculty member in the Department of Biblical Studies, Tel-Aviv University.

Ecker, Avner: Graduated in Classics in 2008 and in 2010 (Master's). Today Avner is a faculty member of the dept of archaeology at Bar Ilan University.

Fassberg, Teddy: Graduated in Classics and Philosophy in 2012. Today Teddy is a faculty member at the dept of Classics at Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Furstenberg, Yair: Graduated in Talmud and Classics in 2002. Today Yair is a senior lecturer in the Department of Talmud, Hebrew University.

Prof. Gaifman, Milette: Graduated in 1997. Today Milette is an Associate Professor of Greek Art and Archaeology in the Departments of Classics and History of Art, Yale University.

Gonopolsky, Yona: Graduated with a Master's degree in 2017. Today Yona is a PhD student writing a thesis about "Patterns and tendencies in the verbal representation of non-verbal communication in Ancient Greek narrative prose".

Gvaryahu, Amit: Graduated in Classics as a minor subject in 2009. Amit has a Master's degree in Talmud, and currently writes his doctoral dissertation in the Department of Talmud and Halacha in The Hebrew University of Jeruslaem.

Ish-Shalom, Tal: Graduated in Classics on a pari passu track in 2015. Today Tal lives in New-York City and he is a PhD student in the Classical Studies PhD Program in Columbia University.

Kaplan, Ella: Graduated in 2011 with a Master's degree. Today Ella teaches the Latin language to high-school students  in the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem.

Dr. Moss, Yonatan: Graduated in Classics and Linguistics in 2005. Today Yonatan is a post-doctoral fellow of the  Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Social Sciences in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 2017 will also be a Lecturer in the Department of Study of Religions in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Prof. Rotstein, Andrea: Graduated in Classics in 1998 with a Master's degree, and completed her PhD in 2003. Today Andrea is an Associate Professor in the Department of Classical Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Stern, Nir: Graduated with a Master’s degree in 2018. Today Nir is a PhD student in the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.

Dr. Weisser, Sharon: Graduated in 2003. Today Sharon is a Lecturer of ancient Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy in Tel-Aviv University.

Zuckerman, Constantin: Graduated with a BA and an MA from the department, and with a DEA and Doctorate in Byzantine History from l'Université de Paris I. Today Constantin serves as Directeur d'Études à l'École pratique des hautes études, Paris.

Zuckerman, Vladimir: Graduated in 2012. Valdimir has a Master's degree in Ancient Greek and Latin from the University of Copenhagen (2015), and currently he is a PhD candidate in Classics at Stanford University.